Serrapeptase – Your Ultimate Pain Reliever

Serrapeptase Vitameens

When you’re in chronic pain, silkworms are the last thing you would have on your mind to help heal. And yet, experts have isolated a proteolytic enzyme from the gut of newborn silkworms that has been known to dissolve proteins accumulated in the body due to inflammation and injury, show substantial affect on pain in human bodies. This enzyme is called Serrapeptase.

The enzyme comes from serratia, a classification of bacteria that live inside silkworms. Serratia produce serrapeptase that can break down protein, which for silkworms, help dissolve the silk cocoon and open it for the moth to come out.

Serrapeptase as a supplement can help several processes in the body. Like most enzymes, serrapeptase helps speed up things. Here are four reasons why serrapeptase might be a good option for you.

Reduces inflammation:

It is really interesting how this enzyme or supplement can be applied wherever there is pain or inflammation. Serrapeptase works by inhibiting blank that our body produces when there is injury, trauma or chronic inflammation, thus blocking pain and providing extra tolerance to pain. It significantly reduces inflammation and breaks down the mucus is that clog our sinuses.

Improves respiratory functioning:

Serrapeptase plays in important role in breaking down  mucus buildup, whether in the respiratory tract or in the sinuses and helps drain the fluids. Serrapeptase taken during the end phase of a cold helps one to breathe easier and and blow  nose with ease in addition to avoiding nasal and respiratory tract inflammation.

Breakdown scar tissue:

As Serrapeptase mostly works by dissolving proteins, it helps dissolve fibrin, which is a strong protein that is responsible for creating scar tissue in the body.  People who are consistently on serrapeptase supplement notice that they have lesser chances of accumulating new  scars. 

Reduces atherosclerotic plaque:

Atherosclerotic plaque is what builds up inside our arteries over a period of time. This plaque is normally made up of calcium, cholesterol and other toxic substances that the blood carries to the heart. Serrapeptase has shown evidence that it could dissolve dead and damaged tissue without hurting the live tissues, thus reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases. 

But wait…

There are some precautions to consider before getting started on this supplement. Serrapeptase could  thin your blood to a small extent, thus it is better to stay away from other blood thinners like fish oil, aspirin and prescription blood thinners. It’s also advisable to take serrapeptase a few hours away from antidepressants and cholesterol medication. 

It’s good to start small, that is if you have never taken serrapeptase before, start with 20mg per day and then gradually increase it to 180mg per day. The best times to take serrapeptase is early in the morning on an empty stomach, and again 30 minutes before a meal. Always make sure you drink a tall glass of water with this supplement.

Why we sell Serrapeptase from Enerex:

Enerex was the first company that introduced serrapeptase to Canadians. They offer a slight variation of the enzyme which is not produced from silkworms but from fermentation of a bacteria named Serratia Marcescens. With over 30 years of clinical experience they have proved the safety and effectiveness of the supplement for a broad spectrum of ailments. They have also designed delayed release capsule (DR) that protects and allows the delicate enzyme to pass through your stomach and acidic environment intact, to be released and absorbed in the small intestines.