A Quick Peep into Bamboo Silica

Bamboo silica Vitameens

Silica is a  mineral found in abundance in nature and it’s available from plant and animal sources, rocks, sandstone and some silicate minerals. Plants have richer levels of silica than animals and bamboo is considered the richest source of silica among all plants.

Bamboo extract in all its bioavailable forms is a great remedy for bone healing, skin healing, wound healing and oesophageal congestion. Indians and Chinese have used bamboo for several hundred years in medicinal preparations.

Hair and nails:

Silica is generally taken as supplement to achieve stronger hair and nails, and enhance elasticity of skin. Silicon is necessary for our bodies to create collagen that improves elasticity of skin. People experiencing hair loss normally have low silicon in their hairs, thus supplementation can result in thicker, fuller and glossier hair. People with thinning hair and brittle nails can benefit from supplementing with bamboo silica

Bones and joints:

Silica supports production of collagen in the body which is also very necessary for bone health, increasing connective tissue, providing flexibility to joints.


It eliminates toxins from the body, and may help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by assisting the body in eliminating aluminum 

Bamboo silica supplements are normally made from the edible parts of the bamboo which is leaf and stalk. Although silica is only a trace mineral in the body, it is also very necessary for the body’s ability to absorb other minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium. 


Why did we choose Bamboo Silica from Enerex?

Bamboo Silica by Enerex is one of the purest extracts of Tabashir bamboo shoots from India. It, contains 70% organic silica which is 10 times greater than that of horsetail silica. I’m addition of 200mg of calcium citrate makes the silica more effective. The calcium is easily absorbed in the body because silica helps in the absorption.

They say the giant panda of China has incredibly strong bones and that’s because he eats bamboo shoots!