A scratch into Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine

Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda are the two oldest healing system on earth.

China and India have had Advanced civilizations for thousands of years. Both systems of medicine are deeply rooted in treating human bodies the natural way, with elements freely available in nature. Principles of these ancient healing systems reflect laws of nature and the relationships among its beings.

Chinese medicine supports healing growth through every aspect of life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that all the forces and systems in the body need to be in harmony and balance for optimum health to be achieved and maintained, i.e balance between yin and yang, balance among five elements (Wood, fire, earth, metal and water ), balance among 14 meridians and so forth.

Yin and Yang:

Yin and Yang are two opposing yet two interdependent forces in the universe. Yin takes up the form of passive female, represented by water, night, darkness, cold, etc. Whereas Yang is the active male form represented by fire, day, brightness, hot, etc. They are opposites in the same system. They cannot do without each other and thus they complement each other.

Yin and Yang have to be in balance with each other or trouble arises. If Yin and Yang within the body are not in harmony, organs and systems start rebelling and pain and illnesses begin to surface.

Chinese medicine has four main principles

  1. Human mind and body are completely connected with nature. Human bodies change according to changes in nature, seasonal changes, geographical location, time of day and age of body. Vitameens
  2. Human body has a natural gift of healing itself. Just like nature rejuvenates itself after catastrophe, human body has a natural self healing ability. Most of the times we can heal ourselves when we mindfully observe the changes that we go through when we fall sick and sometimes when one feels disability is difficult to access, if you seek out medical practitioners .
  3. Prevention is better than cure. Chinese medicine teaches you to read the changes in your body and messages that your body is trying to give you. When the body is continuously revealing signs of changes in your health, it is best to take preventative approach and do the needful instead of letting the body fall sick and then going for a cure.
  4. Your body is one whole single entity. The whole body it’s connected to mind, emotions and spirit. The physical body is a complex interrelated system that is held together by Chi (Qi) or life force or what we generally call as energy.

Let’s talk a little more about this in a week. Chinese medicine is an endless topic and I have invited a couple of practitioners to write something for us.