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A scratch into Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine

Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda are the two oldest healing system on earth. China and India have had Advanced civilizations for thousands of years. Both systems of medicine are deeply rooted in treating human bodies the natural way, with elements freely available in nature. Principles of these ancient healing systems reflect laws of nature and the relationships among its beings. Chinese medicine supports healing growth through every aspect of life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that all the forces and systems in the body need to be in harmony and balance for optimum health to be achieved and maintained, i.e balance between yin and yang, balance among five elements (Wood, fire, earth, metal and water ), balance among 14 meridians and so forth. Yin and Yang: Yin and Yang are two opposing yet two interdependent forces in...

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A Quick Peep into Bamboo Silica

Bamboo silica Vitameens

Silica is a  mineral found in abundance in nature and it’s available from plant and animal sources, rocks, sandstone and some silicate minerals. Plants have richer levels of silica than animals and bamboo is considered the richest source of silica among all plants. Bamboo extract in all its bioavailable forms is a great remedy for bone healing, skin healing, wound healing and oesophageal congestion. Indians and Chinese have used bamboo for several hundred years in medicinal preparations. Hair and nails: Silica is generally taken as supplement to achieve stronger hair and nails, and enhance elasticity of skin. Silicon is necessary for our bodies to create collagen that improves elasticity of skin. People experiencing hair loss normally have low silicon in their hairs, thus supplementation can result in thicker, fuller and glossier hair. People with thinning hair and brittle nails can benefit...

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Serrapeptase – Your Ultimate Pain Reliever

Serrapeptase Vitameens

When you’re in chronic pain, silkworms are the last thing you would have on your mind to help heal. And yet, experts have isolated a proteolytic enzyme from the gut of newborn silkworms that has been known to dissolve proteins accumulated in the body due to inflammation and injury, show substantial affect on pain in human bodies. This enzyme is called Serrapeptase. The enzyme comes from serratia, a classification of bacteria that live inside silkworms. Serratia produce serrapeptase that can break down protein, which for silkworms, help dissolve the silk cocoon and open it for the moth to come out. Serrapeptase as a supplement can help several processes in the body. Like most enzymes, serrapeptase helps speed up things. Here are four reasons why serrapeptase might be a good option for you. Reduces inflammation: It is really interesting how this...

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When Life Gives You Lemons… 12 Ways to Use Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons… Wow you won the lottery! Lemons are great and can be used in various ways that will spruce up your life. They have an abundance of vitamins, minerals phytonutrients, flavonoids, potassium, folate and antioxidants.  it is believed that lemons originated in north India and grew to east Asia, and Europe eventually. Now lemon grows all over the world and is also a hot house favourite in cold countries. When life gives you lemons, here are 12  things you could do with them:   Prevent fruits and vegetables from oxidizing. Potatoes, avocados, apples and bananas tend to turn brown within minutes off chopping them. If you would like to keep them fresh for a longer period of time so you can have a greener guacamole and use bananas and apples in your fruit salad, squeeze half a...

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Six Healing Flowers in Traditional Herbal Medicine

Six Healing Flowers

Beautiful blooming  little things in nature, gorgeous, soothing to the mind and eyes.. they add colour and brightness in a case in your living room or by the window. But, you’d be surprised at how many illnesses these bright cheerful things can cure. They’re not just pretty things to look at, or decorate your house with, but very useful when it comes to letting nature take over and heal mind body and soul. Some of them are simply that, healing flowers. I would like to elaborate on six of my favourite flowers that I have used on my healing journey, both on patients and myself. Calendula, Echinacea, Lavender, Passionflower, Peony and Dandelion Calendula: Calendula is an annual herb, bright yellow or orange with pale green leaves. It’s mostly a European plant, but now it grows in the Americas, Mediterranean and...

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7 Supplements that support your heart

Heart Health Vitameens

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death among men and women in Canada. We can’t deny that a healthy diet and regular exercise are most beneficial for heart health. Being smoke-free, drug-free, stress-free goes along way as well. While a healthy lifestyle is a no brainer for optimum cardiovascular health, dietary supplements help.  Needless to say, most supplement companies make complicated blends and formulae and one is just overwhelmed with what is available on the market and how we are being marketed to.  Coenzyme Q 10: CoQ10 strengthens the mitochondria of every cell in the blood vessels, thus optimizing vessel health. It is a very powerful antioxidant that stops free radicals from destroying the body through oxidation. CoQ10 is created in the body and can also be absorbed in small amounts by eating beef, sardines mackeral and peanuts.  Patients...

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Beat Diabetes Naturally

Beat Diabetes

Clean eating tips to beat diabetes Before I start with the clean eating tips to beat diabetes, let me be clear as to what I mean by clean eating. Clean eating comprises of what to eat, what to eliminate and the right supplements to take. Eat Eat a lot of fresh produce – fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, organic as much as possible. Eat good quality humanely raised meats and eggs, limited organic dairy, beans, legumes, sprouts and seeds. Drink lots of clean fresh filtered water and organic herbal teas. Eliminate Eliminate sugar, sugar substitutes, processed and packaged food products, industrial meats and heavy grains, especially wheat, corn, sorghum, rye, white rice and soya beans. Eliminate everything that is GMO – corn, wheat, soya and canola are big culprits. Supplements We have researched several products on the market and here are...

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Turmeric – The Wonder Healing Food of the Gods

The Healing Power of Turmeric

Turmeric, which I love to call the wonder healing food of the gods has been used by the Indians and Chinese for thousands of years. They have used turmeric to not only flavour and colour their food, but also to heal and prevent several disorders of the body. The polyphenol called CURCUMIN which renders curry powder yellow has much more going for it then just spicing up food. How does it benefit me? The potential benefits of this miracle root is still being researched everyday by modern scientists and nutritionists and everyday there is something about turmeric to “aha” about! Here are some examples of the magic turmeric performs in the human body: Protects against cancer: Inflammation is the main cause of several diseases, mostly cancer. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, also a very powerful antioxidant that protects cellular DNA...

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