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Beat Diabetes Naturally

Beat Diabetes

Clean eating tips to beat diabetes Before I start with the clean eating tips to beat diabetes, let me be clear as to what I mean by clean eating. Clean eating comprises of what to eat, what to eliminate and the right supplements to take. Eat Eat a lot of fresh produce – fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, organic as much as possible. Eat good quality humanely raised meats and eggs, limited organic dairy, beans, legumes, sprouts and seeds. Drink lots of clean fresh filtered water and organic herbal teas. Eliminate Eliminate sugar, sugar substitutes, processed and packaged food products, industrial meats and heavy grains, especially wheat, corn, sorghum, rye, white rice and soya beans. Eliminate everything that is GMO – corn, wheat, soya and canola are big culprits. Supplements We have researched several products on the market and here are...

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