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Turmeric – The Wonder Healing Food of the Gods

The Healing Power of Turmeric

Turmeric, which I love to call the wonder healing food of the gods has been used by the Indians and Chinese for thousands of years. They have used turmeric to not only flavour and colour their food, but also to heal and prevent several disorders of the body. The polyphenol called CURCUMIN which renders curry powder yellow has much more going for it then just spicing up food. How does it benefit me? The potential benefits of this miracle root is still being researched everyday by modern scientists and nutritionists and everyday there is something about turmeric to “aha” about! Here are some examples of the magic turmeric performs in the human body: Protects against cancer: Inflammation is the main cause of several diseases, mostly cancer. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, also a very powerful antioxidant that protects cellular DNA...

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Serrapeptase – Your Ultimate Pain Reliever


When you’re in chronic pain, silkworms are the last thing you would have on your mind to help heal. And yet, experts have isolated a proteolytic enzyme from the gut of newborn silkworms that has been known to dissolve proteins accumulated in the body due to inflammation and injury, show substantial affect on pain in human bodies. This enzyme is called serrapeptase. The enzyme comes from serratia, a classification of bacteria that live inside silkworms. Serratia produce serrapeptase that can break down protein, which for silkworms, help dissolve the silk cocoon and open it for the moth to come out. Serrapeptase as a supplement can help several processes in the body. Like most enzymes, serrapeptase helps speed up things. Here are four reasons why serrapeptase might be a good option for you. Reduces inflammation: It is really interesting how this...

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